You don't have to be an athlete to benefit from sports massage. Sports massage emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons and can be beneficial for people with injuries, pain or restricted range of motion.


  • Keeps you jury free

  • Prepares you for your game/event

  • Improves range of motion

  • Breaks up scar tissue that can restrict the movement of your muscles

  • Helps you relax

Types of Sport massage

  • Maintenance massage highly recommended keeping your muscles happy, relaxed, prepared, and injury free. Your massage can be relaxing or a deeper massage can be given, breaking down knots and scar tissue.

  • Pre Event massage usually performed  the day before or on the day of the event, creating good circulation to the muscles, improving length & flexibility

  • Post Event massage performed after the game/event or on the day or two days after, promoting good recovery and muscle soreness

 How often  

  • Varies from one person to another, fortnightly or monthly can work well and increasing closer to an event, or more frequently if you are recovering from an injury or would just like to loosen up and increase joint mobility